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    just an update on our work here in France:
    Survey tool: We have had to use Limesurvey as it is mandatory at our university
    Current state: We are currently in the process of correcting typos, and testing the online questionnaire to ensure it all works well (eg conditions etc)
    Sample size: we have 4 universities involved at the moment. I have not calculated how many students will be involved, but we will have a big sample.

    Other than that, we have received ethical clearance, we also have a national declaration to hold and use the data (which is compulsory here). so it’s all good!

    looking forward to disseminating it very soon,


    Hello everyone,
    ok so now we have started to collect our data. St Etienne university has sent out the link to all their students, we have sent it out to our faculty students and are waiting for the whole university to disseminate it. In Limoges, data collection has started as well. And Lille is waiting for an all go from the dean. We have almost 700 complet responses as of today. we are expecting many more.. fingers crossed.

    all the best,


    Update for FRANCE

    We have completed our data collection
    completes 3377
    incompletes 1570
    Total Responses 4947.

    we will now start analyzing (after our summer holidays)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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