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    Dear all,

    Did you use an online plataform like survey monkey to conduct the survey or other?



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    Dear Neida, I moved this question to this category “Survey and data collection”. In Germany, we used unipark, a tool that is provided by questback (https://www.unipark.com/en). This tool has the advantage, that is meets the requirement of the General Data Protection Act (GDPR), such as secure data transmission, declaration of consent before the start of the questionnaire etc. Moreover, it perfectly meets the needs by researchers (e.g. easy export funtion to spss including all labels, monitoring, different forms of items/scales). However, each partner can use tool that is available at their university. We also worked with survey monkey in another project and it worked well. Other colleagues use lime survey. Would love to read about the experience of using other tools here.

    Best wishes


    Dear Kevin,

    Thanks for your detailed information.
    We are considering the survey monkey, but some questions like # 12 with double answer like: I’m afraid of problems that worry me now continue for a long time. completely true, neither true, nor false, or completely false, are difficult / impossible to insert into the survey monkey.
    Maybe other colleagues had manage this type of questions with other tools and can share it please.

    Kind regards



    Dear all
    We are using two platforms. For Hong Kong and Macau, we use google form. In China, we use WJX. Since the two platforms have some differences in format, we are doing the matching of the data, and then transfer the data to SPSS. It takes some time for us to manage this.


    Dear Neida, I am not sure, question 12 refers to a so called Matrix/Rating scale question. I think it will be no problem for survey Monkey. I found this Video that might help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHERtQUQadU

    Best regards

    AJ Patil

    Hello everyone!

    We are using Qualtrics, a top experience management platform, to disseminate our survey throughout America. The benefits of using such include a deep survey building tool, pre-established survey panels, and sampling quotas to make sure our respondents are demographically representative of the student population here. Also, we are relying on Qualtrics to disburse incentives, deal with partial and false responses, and provide basic data cleaning.

    We are happy to assist other teams if needed!

    Take care,

    University of Hawaii at Manoa

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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