The COVID-HL School Survey

The goals of the COVID-HL School Survey

The COVID-HL School Survey

School closures are associated with increased health risk and negative consequences and worse health outcomes for children and adolescents. While some research has been conducted in child and adolescent populations, there is very limited research available exploring the effects of the pandemic on school and educational professionals. This is a surprising given that schoolteachers are exposed to a whole new working situation and environment with numerous challenges they have to master (e.g. shift in teaching and learning due to the pandemic). Even less attention is paid to school principals, who are responsible for all aspects of the school life and therefore have to cope with particularly high demands as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Pre-pandemic research shows that school principals report high work-related stress and more frequently psychological and physical burden compared to other professional groups. In this context, the COVID-HL School Survey aims at exploring burden and stress that school principals and member of the school management board (e.g., deputy principals) experience in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, most research in context of the COVID-19 is characterized by a pathogenetic focus on risk factors, while the discussion of necessary health resources according to health promotion is fairly limited. Hence, this survey will also focus on individual and work related resources such as the Sense of Coherence and health literacy. Moreover, based on the holistic and resource oriented concept of Health Promoting School (HPS), this survey also aims to explore whether and to what extent health-promoting measures are currently undertaken by the school.

Who conducts this survey?

We are currently in the process of survey planning and to invite members from the COVID-HL consortium and other networks. We will report further updates here.

How is this survey conducted?

The survey is implemented as an online survey. Different online tools are used in the participating countries. The greatest attention is paid to data protection and data security. All tools and web servers used are subject to high data protection and security requirements. All data are transmitted via an encrypted connection using the secure encryption protocol „https“.

Who is the target group of this survey?

This survey focus on school principals and on members of the school management board (e.g. vice principal) from public and private primary and secondary schools.

How long does it take to fill out the questionnaire?

It will take about 20 minutes to answer the questionnaire.

Do I have to participate the survey?

No! Participation in the online study is, of course, voluntary and anonymous, i.e. the data cannot be assigned to the respondents. Even if you do not participate, this does not have any disadvantages for you. Before you start answering the questionnaire, you will receive essential information. Only when you have given your consent to participate, you will be taken to the online questionnaire.

What happens with the data?

The applicable data protection regulations are met at all times. The collection of personal data is kept to a minimum and your anonymity is guaranteed at all times. The data is accordingly encrypted and stored securely and only processed by skilled and experienced researchers of the study team.